How to safely cut 12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for use with Breathe Again…Naturally X4 Concentrate. End result is gaining a single Airomatherapy session delivering approx 3% Hydrogen Peroxide & Breathe Again…Naturally X4 Lung Disinfectant at the same time.

Use a Pulse Oximeter to observe your O2 levels.

You will need: Latex or plastic gloves, a sink with running water, a 2 Cup measuring cup, One gallon of distilled or spring water & two spare empty containers with lids & labels. One at least 2 cups capacity to put your finished cup of 6% hydrogen peroxide in.
The other about the size of a cough syrup bottle to put your X4/3% H2O2 in. Label each jar.

Put on gloves & safety glasses. Work near sink in case you need to rinse off.

Pour 1 cup of your 12% food grade hydrogen peroxide & dilute with 1 cup of distilled water. Now you have 2 cups of 6% H2O2. Label this jar.

Fill your smaller container halfway with 6% H202 and then fill the rest of the container up with Breathe Again…Naturally X4 Concentrate. Now you have 3% H202/X4 mix Label this smaller bottle. It is ready for pouring into a nebulizer.

Please put away your dangerous 12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in a safe place.

You have just premixed a solution that will last about 2 days. The Hydrogen Peroxide will lose it’s power after that.

This mix is ready to pour in nebulizer. Do not use a mask or mouthpiece. Open pipe and hold it near your mouth & nose to inhale. Keep a little distance (like an inch) between your mouth & nose and the open pipe. This stuff is strong. If it burns, back away a bit & continue….If burning persists stop using.

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Howdy friend, I'm Phil HH > servant of Jesus. Formulator of "Breathe Again...Naturally X4 Concentrate" and custom builder of "Newbulizers", the "next-gen" of silent, hose-free nebulizers. I crave complete freedom from medical tyranny. We must be able to breathe without the help or permission of a Doctor, drug or some expensive pharmacy filled prescription. BREATHING is OUR right. Anyone who would stand in the way of our natural breathing process or our ability to access an alternative remedy is an enemy to ALL of mankind. The Lung "Disinfectant" our amazing President announced is real, available, affordable, organic & MADE IN THE USA. Mainstream media will NEVER give the masses the info on this DISINFECTANT. Your friend & fellow Patriot brother, Phil HH > servant of Jesus Husband, father of 6, Patriot Submarine Veteran, product developer. [email protected] on telegram

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