Chris Eryx…BABY TRUMP!

Hello family of Breathers!

Chris Eryx aka “Baby Trump” is a believer in Jesus Christ & he is my friend. We are joining forces to save lives! Thank you Chris for helping spread the Gospel & saving lives!

Who We Are & What We Believe:

We are followers of Jesus Christ, students of God’s Holy Word & defenders of our rights as outlined in the U.S. Constitution. This obviously includes OUR RIGHT TO BREATHE.

We believe that God’s FIRST gift to man was His own breath of life & that our respiratory systems are under full-on attack. We must each defend this gift!

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Our 2 Calls To Action:
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  1. People of all ages can nebulize Breathe Again…Naturally X4 formula for Lung Disinfection & Cleansing.
  2. Nebulizing 1%-3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide delivers a DIY oxygen supply at home. No more low oxygen emergencies. Stay away from dangerous places.

With Breathe Again…Naturally X4 formula & Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in your medicine cabinet you will be able to join with us & say…

“We are no longer helpless.”

Our Breathe Again…Naturally Mission Statement:
“Help people breathe under ANY circumstance.”

What the formula does:
Breathe Again…Naturally! X4 Concentrate is a Broad-spectrum Lung Disinfectant & Cleanser for nebulizer use. Experiment to explore full benefits.

What the formula is:
Stout Goldenseal tea, Silver, Zinc & Mineral Lime triple filtered and made more pleasant/effective with 8 essential oils of Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Oregano, Tea Tree & Rosemary Concentrated 4X.

Chris is helping me to give away 50 bottles (each bottle + shipping is a $37 value) of Breathe Again…Naturally X4 Concentrate FOR FREE & First Class shipping is included!
(with ONE string attached)

Recipients first email a headshot pic while holding a compressor style nebulizer to: [email protected] Please include a good mailing address in the email. That’s it…and the 6 FREE breathing treatments are on the way!

Don’t already have a nebulizer? I know where you can get a nice new one for $29…ask me about this.

Checkout our fundraiser for True Health & Freedom wellness community project: “Breathe Again Mission” aka “BAM! O2 Bar” where Oxygen loaded breathing treatments are completely free! This “brick & mortar” location also serves as a “Red Pill” zone.

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