Breathe Again...Naturally X4 Concentrate!

Active Ingredients: Stout Goldenseal Herb Tea, Silver, Zinc and the mineral Lime. Each are created by using steam distilled water and then carefully filtered. This formula is a pourable brackish colored liquid.

Supporting Ingredients: Essential oils of Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Rosemary and a touch of Oregano. 

Use: This 100% organic formula hosts powerful residual elements which are inhaled by nebulizer or similar fine mist machine. Breathe Again X4 is a Disinfectant, Cleanser and Expectorant. Pleasant and slightly minty aftertaste.

Many assume that Breathe Again X4 is just essential oils being inhaled. This is not accurate! The active ingredients of silver, zinc, mineral lime in a strong Goldenseal herb tea. These four ingredients are doing all the heavy lifting. Essential oils are added to make the formula more pleasant to use and to open airways. 

Our home medicine cabinets are filled with colorful packages that have proven to be useless against the diabolically crafted bio-weapons. We also lack resources to stand up to many commonly faced attacks. Breathe Again…Naturally products are your game changer!

To defend your vitality, start with one good quality Nebulizer & a bottle of “Breathe Again…Naturally X4 Concentrate” to put in it. With your medicine cabinet empowered, you will be able to say with us “We are no longer helpless!”

Thanks to God for giving us this powerful broad-spectrum formula, the number of testimonies are mounting up! 

Your story could be next!

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Serving Jesus

Our Cleaning System

Tiny hairs inside the lungs called "Cilia" have the responsibility of cleaning our lungs of undesirables and intruders. They must be free and healthy to do their job. 13 Organic ingredients serve as cleanser and disinfectant to free the cilia.

HELPING people breathe AGAIN...

God’s first gift to mankind was his own breath of life. It seems as if the enemies of good health target our ability to breathe. We must reopen the airways and naturally support the cleaning system that Our Creator has placed in the respiratory tract.


Everything we need has been placed here on Earth by God. Our job is to identify and to make use of these ingredients. 


Our all-natural formula will work extra hard for you opening, clearing and promoting healthy airways so you can Breathe Again… Naturally!


We carefully choose the finest organic ingredients from clean, responsible location with the highest quality standards in mind. You will get the best!


Our organically farmed  ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced from all over the world. We pride ourselves in partnerships with the highest quality organizations.


The process couldn’t be simpler…

Nebulizer Ready

Use Breathe Again…Naturally X4 Concentrate, full strength in a nebulizer or similar deep lung delivery equipment.

Fill to the Line

Fill to the line and refill as necessary to accomplish a 15 minute deep lung breathing treatment.

Breathe Again!

Don’t just relax. This is your chance to give your lungs a workout while cleansing and disinfecting.