Gerri L.

“In 2011 I suffered spinal trauma after a car accident & the curvature of my thoracic vertebrae puts pressure on my bronchial nerves making it difficult to take a deep satisfying breath.

The stress of years of not feeling like I’m getting enough oxygen has been difficult to live with. My parents attended a freedom talk that Phil was at, suggested we try his lung health formula.

I immediately contacted Phil & he went above and beyond to help. He even prayed with me over the phone. My husband began using the lung formula and his coughing immediately lessened. The first night after a breathing treatment he slept through the whole night!

I began using the formula too, even though I never became as sick as my husband…I noticed how relaxed my lungs felt after nebulizing the formula.

My husband is feeling much better & we’ve started to sleep with the formula being nebulized over us by placing it above our heads at night. We are sleeping much better.”

Patrick L.

“I had some sinus issues and a lingering cough. My wife found Breathe Again…Naturally X4 Concentrate so we decided to give it a try. I used the X4 product in our nebulizer several times for 5-10 minutes each treatment and immediately felt like I could breathe much better and my cough was lessened. The persistent chest congestion that I had also loosened considerably and within a couple days of starting the treatments I felt much better & the cough and congestion subsided. I am very pleased with the formula & would recommend it to anyone with breathing issues or just a nagging cough.” 

Lorraine K.

“I have been using this incredible product Breathe Again Naturally, for several years now and it has greatly improved my asthma and COPD. I highly recommend this for any type of respiratory issues.  Thank you Phil, for creating such a powerful healing formula.

Janice M.

“I’d like to thank Phil, for his wonderful product Breathe Again Naturally. I’ve been using this product for a few weeks for sinus and throat issues. I believe the problems were left over build up, from a previous cold/infection. After using the product I noticed my vocals returning to their former strength and ability & I was thrilled! Thanks again!” 

Maureen M.

“I had the worst cough after battling COVID-19 for a long time. It was the most annoying constant raspy cough & seemed to get worse at night or coming in contact with toxic environments. I went to 2 doctors no real results except antibiotic pushers! I would say it was devine intervention that I was introduced to the Breathe Again…Naturally formula & that was the answer to my cough from hell! 😷 Now I know the formula is also good for way more!! I’m believing and completely sold on it. My suggestion for you is to try it…there’s nothing to lose. Gain good health results!!”

Our Cleaning System

Tiny hairs inside the lungs called "Cilia" have the responsibility of cleaning our lungs of undesirables and intruders. They must be free and healthy to do their job. 13 Organic ingredients serve as cleanser and disinfectant to free the cilia.

HELPING people breathe AGAIN...

God’s first gift to mankind was his own breath of life. It seems as if the enemies of good health target our ability to breathe. We must reopen the airways and naturally support the cleaning system that Our Creator has placed in the respiratory tract.


Everything we need has been placed here on Earth by God. Our job is to identify and to make use of beneficial ingredients. BreatheAgainX4 has 12 organic to promote your respiratory wellness!


Our all-natural formula will work extra hard for you opening, clearing and promoting healthy airways so you can Breathe Again… Naturally!


We carefully choose the finest organic ingredients from clean, responsible location with the highest quality standards in mind. You will get the best!


Our organically farmed  ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced from all over the world. We pride ourselves in partnerships with the highest quality organizations.


The process couldn’t be simpler…

Nebulizer Ready

Pour BreatheAgainX4 full strength into a nebulizer or similar deep lung delivery device.

Fill to the Line

Fill to the line and refill as necessary to accomplish a 15 minute deep lung breathing treatment. Inhale deeply!

Breathe Again!

Don’t just relax. This is your chance to give your lungs a workout while cleansing and disinfecting.