I tell ppl who approach me with questions about serious, longstanding respiratory issues…

“There’s most likely something living behind that.” Think mold, mildew, fungus yeast, bacteria, virus or a gmo weapon of some sort. Perhaps even a combination of any of these. More recently we can include DNA, RNA & Protein altering devices.

For the most part, the above do not simply “disappear.” These unwelcome invaders live hidden in multiple layers of mucus far from the reach of our immune systems. All of these troublemakers do a very nasty thing inside of us….they release their cell wastes. These released toxins wreak havoc in our eyes, sinuses, inner ears, throats & lungs.

Many sufferers continue to blame triggers instead of the actual cause…invaders. Flowers & other naturally occurring things are not the core enemy.

We must change our thinking about mucus toxemia. God & nature are not at fault here. Bioweapons & pollutants are the main cause of excessive toxic mucus build-up. It is this extra-thick layer of mucus that separates the invaders from our powerful immune systems.

Each invader has the proven potential to actually outlive us. They must be aggressively evicted, destroyed & washed out with a disinfectant/cleaning agent. I call this procedure a “direct application of supplementation.” Someone else may call it an “injection…almost like a cleaning.” (DJT) BTW, Did you know that every compressor style nebulizer has an injection chamber?

“Breathe Again…Naturally X4 Concentrate” is poured full strength into a common compressor style nebulizer.
I like to inhale deeply for 10-15 minutes. I repeat this regimen as often as needed.

Formula is non-toxic to humans & animals. Micro-organisms are a different story. Experiment & share your story.

We are at war. The weapons of choice are mass disinfo, cancel-culture, censorship & clandestine bioweapons.

With “Breathe Again…Naturally X4 Concentrate” in your compressor style nebulizer, you will be able to say along with us “breathers”…

“We are no longer helpless.”

Phil HH ><>
servant of Jesus


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Howdy friend, I'm Phil HH > servant of Jesus. Formulator of "Breathe Again...Naturally X4 Concentrate" and custom builder of "Newbulizers", the "next-gen" of silent, hose-free nebulizers. I crave complete freedom from medical tyranny. We must be able to breathe without the help or permission of a Doctor, drug or some expensive pharmacy filled prescription. BREATHING is OUR right. Anyone who would stand in the way of our natural breathing process or our ability to access an alternative remedy is an enemy to ALL of mankind. The Lung "Disinfectant" our amazing President announced is real, available, affordable, organic & MADE IN THE USA. Mainstream media will NEVER give the masses the info on this DISINFECTANT. TrumpLung7.com Your friend & fellow Patriot brother, Phil HH > servant of Jesus Husband, father of 6, Patriot Submarine Veteran, product developer. [email protected] t.me/TrumpLung7 on telegram

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